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Quick Possession Home Feature: The Valencia

Posted by Rochelle N. on Mon, Apr 23, 2018

Welcome to the Valencia, located in the green community of Westerra in Regina's thriving northwest! This is the place to live if you want a suburban lifestyle, but with all the amenities of city living.

This 1,366-square-foot home at 7904 Barley Crescent in Westerra is a two-storey, three-bedroom stunner with an attached front garage.

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Basement Wall Condensation on New Homes (Spring)

Posted by Pacesetter Homes on Sun, Apr 22, 2018

The concrete mixture used in the formation of new home foundations, and indeed in all concrete applications, contains water. New concrete requires a period of time to expel its moisture content which is called the curing process.

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Flex Rooms: The Ultimate Home Office

Posted by Rochelle N. on Thu, Apr 19, 2018

If you're lucky enough to have a home with a flex room, there are many different ways to take advantage of it. For example, you can use your imagination to decide to use your flex room as a study space, playroom, or home office. 

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What You Need to Know About Credit Scores

Posted by Rochelle N. on Mon, Apr 16, 2018

Credit scores are important financial tools for consumers who need to borrow money. Anytime you want to buy something on credit, the lender will base the decision partly on the number you receive as a credit score. Whether you're buying a home or opening a line of credit, the amount you can borrow and your interest rate are both tied to this number. Many people are confused as to exactly what a credit score is and how you maintain or raise that number. Hopefully, this article will clear that up for you. We'll start with three of the most frequently asked questions.

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Pantry Design Ideas for Staying Organized in Style

Posted by Pacesetter Homes on Sun, Apr 15, 2018

It’s pantry time! Why is this area of the home always the last to get organized? Maybe it’s because people assume it won’t be as much fun to arrange and adjust. All of that changes today! We’ve rounded up the best pantry design ideas we could find as inspiration. But first things first. Begin by cleaning out your pantry. Toss items that are no longer edible, and move newer foods to the back so the older stash is eaten before it expires.

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