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Choosing the Best Flooring for Dogs

Posted by Rochelle N. on Wed, Apr 1, 2020

Dogs and floors: a match made in heaven. While your child will eventually graduate from his or her floor-dwelling period to standing upright like other homo sapiens, your dog will remain resolutely floor-bound.

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Get a Start on Your Indoor Spring Cleaning

Posted by Rochelle N. on Sun, Mar 29, 2020

While many of us are currently stuck indoors now is really the perfect time to get a start on your indoor spring cleaning while you have extra help.😜  If you’re ready to ditch the winter layers, then you’re set to make the move towards lightening up your home.  We’ll cover some indoor tasks to keep your home safe, efficient and help you kick those winter blues!

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Understanding Your HRV System

Posted by Joel S. on Thu, Mar 26, 2020
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How to Tell You’ve Found the Right Home for Your Family

Posted by Rochelle N. on Wed, Mar 25, 2020

When searching for your ideal home, one of the most important factors is finding somewhere that meets all the needs of your family. Consider a few of the following to see if you've found the perfect home for you.

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How to Unclog a Toilet

Posted by Joel S. on Sun, Mar 22, 2020

Toilet clogs seem to happen at the most inopportune moments. Fortunately, you can clear most clogs yourself without having to pay a plumber. Most clogs can be cleared with a good plunger or homemade drain cleaner made with hot water, baking soda and vinegar. For deeper clogs, try snaking the drain or using a wet/dry vacuum to do the job.

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