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Flex Rooms: The Ultimate Study Space

Posted by Rochelle N. on Mon, Jan 7, 2019

Finding a quiet place for kids to study can sometimes be an issue in a busy household.  The kitchen table often serves as the study area while busy parents start preparing meals and other kids may be watching tv in the living room nearby.  Flex rooms can provide a great place for school work. So, if you've wondered by so many new homes come with flex rooms or have been thinking of how you'd like to best utilize your fabulous flex room, here are some great tips for creating the ultimate study space.

Let There Be Light

Having a study space with sufficient light is important to helping your young Einstein read without straining their eyes. Consider placing their work space close to the window in the room to ensure they benefit from the most natural light. For those long winter evenings, make sure the work space has a desk lamp that provides enough light for your kids to see properly (an overhead light sometimes just doesn't cut it.)

Flex Rooms: The Ultimate Study Space Desk imageTables and Chairs

Making sure your kids are comfortable and sitting in a chair that supports their growing bodies is important. Ensure both the desk and chair are the proper height for them by making sure their feet are able to rest on the floor and they're not straining their upper body to reach the desk. If your children are in the early years of schooling, consider buying a plastic table and a chair more suited to their size.

Quiet, Please!

If your kids are expected to study, they must have a quiet place to concentrate. While it’s unnecessary to have a sound proof room, there are some things you can do to ensure quiet.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure the design and decor in the room are adding to the quiet, not taking away from it. For instance, if the room isn’t carpeted, consider a large area rug were a majority of the room’s activity will take place. Also consider drapes that could block out noise from outside, as well as removing radios and loud ticking clocks.

Flex Rooms: The Ultimate Study Space Shelves imageShelves and Storage

Okay parents, this next tip is more for you than your kids. You don’t want to turn this into yet another room you’ll have to clean up, so why not make it easier for your kids to clean up after themselves? By installing enough shelves for their books, binders and supplies, they'll be able to easily put the room back together after they're finished with it.

If you have more than one student in your family, you may also consider giving each of them their own stackable plastic bin where they can store all of their supplies when they’re not using them.

The Writing on the Wall 

You’ve probably been telling your kids since they were old enough to pick up a crayon never to draw on the walls. But a study room that allows them to do just that will bring their learning space to the next level. Using chalk paint, you could paint one wall (or a least part of one) so they can use it in their studies. Whether it's to draw out some ideas, solve a mathematical equation or a place to work on their spelling - they're sure to enjoy scribbling away on the walls. 

If this is too far outside your comfort zone, consider installing a whiteboard to provide you with the same opportunity. If you’d prefer your kids work from their desks, consider hanging a cork board so they can pin important information to it.

A Place To Be Inspired

While we’ve left this for last, it's something important you and your kids can do together. While you’ll want to make your flex room as comfortable as possible so your kids can concentrate, they’ll need a place where they can be inspired to pursue their passion (or at least to find their passion.) 

Whether it's a motivational quote on the wall, a picture of an inspirational place or person from history, include anything that will help your kids shoot for the stars.

Pacesetter Homes has a number of home models with beautifully designed flex rooms that would make the ultimate study room. To learn more about what we have to offer you and your family, stop by one of our fantastic show homes or visit us online!

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