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How to Tell You’ve Found the Right Home for Your Family

Posted by Rochelle N. on Wed, Mar 25, 2020

When searching for your ideal home, one of the most important factors is finding somewhere that meets all the needs of your family. Consider a few of the following to see if you've found the perfect home for you.

what-is-complete-community-playground-imageIs the Community Ideal for Everyone? 

Several factors contribute to how suitable a community is, including the sizes of the lots in the neighbourhood, what types of views you have, nearby schools and amenities. Having a distinct idea of your own expectations is vital during this time. After all, you can't alter your new home's location.

The community you live in will make a major difference. Each of the Pacesetter communities has different amenities and features to suit resident's needs. One thing they all have in common is they offer convenient access to local shopping, restaurants and more. 

If you'd like to get a better idea of which community is likely to be the best fit, check out one of our show homes. You'll not only get to see what the homes look like, but you'll have a better feel for the communities. Don't forget to stop and chat with some of the neighbours! 

What About Your Floor Plan? 

Floor plans make a significant difference if you entertain a lot or have kids. If you entertain frequently you'll need a lot of space for guests. Parents will also enjoy options that let their kids enjoy various activities without disturbing anyone else's space. 

Open living areas that include great rooms are a dream come true for many homeowners. Bonus rooms can make for either a home office or a media room (or whatever else you want!) can help meet your needs. Some plans also have basement family or rec rooms that are worthy of attention. 

Do You Have Enough Bedrooms? 

Many would say that having too many bedrooms is better than too few. After all, you can always use an additional bedroom for a different purpose. The needs of a family can change and you never know when that extra space might come in handy. 

Another advantage of additional bedrooms is being able to provide greater privacy, like having a guest bedroom separate from the others. Also, you might want to consider the advantages of a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and full ensuite (standard in many brand new homes). 

boy having fun outdoors while performing his first few steps on a sunny day at the garden - mum in the backgroundIs Your Yard Big Enough? 

If you invite people over during the summer months, a large yard will make everyone happy. Cookouts and kids' parties always work out well with maximum space.

Many landscaping ideas to make your yard more inviting are relatively simple, too. Designing your outdoor space with a patio or porch as a focal point, for example, will help make it a perfect spot for entertaining. Choosing this option will leave plenty of open space for play as well. 

What About Your Storage? 

Although additional storage is relatively easy to add, having enough when you move in is always a plus. Two of the areas where storage matters the most are garage and basement areas. Built-in shelving makes it easier to keep everything where it needs to be in both of these spaces. 

Pantry space in the kitchen helps put everything you need for meals within easier reach when you require it the most. In living areas or great rooms, built-ins make it easier to store your DVD or book collection with minimal fuss. 

Even though there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you're looking for a home, keeping the essentials in mind will make it easier to see where you can compromise. Your home is most likely the most important investment you'll make, so it's important to make sure everything counts.

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