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Keep An Eye On Trees

Posted by Curt K. on Sun, Jan 5, 2020

Big snowfalls can settle onto tree limbs, making them heavy and more prone to breaking — which can be especially dangerous if a tree is within reach of your house. Ease the burden on your trees by brushing off snow after each snowfall, using a broom to extend your reach. Don’t shake the tree to remove snow, since this can cause brittle limbs to break. Proper tree maintenance in the fall, paired with regular snow removal, should help prevent breakage — but if a limb does fall during winter, have it removed as soon as weather permits.

Information from Laura Gaskill, Houzz.com, article "Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist" https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/01/26/winter-home-maintenance-checklist_n_9078264.html re-posted by Pacesetter Homes Regina. 

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