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Award Winning Green Build of the Year

Posted by Kara S. on Thu, Feb 6, 2020

Pacesetter Homes recently won the 2019 Regina & Region Home Builders' Association's Green Build of the Year Award!   The award winning home is located at 3152 Trombley Street (now sold).  This home features many environmental features. 

3152 Trombley - Solar Installation

Solar Panels

Solar panels were installed so the to take advantage of solar power for future homeowner's electricity needs. The home includes 18 solar panels which will provide 7170 kWh of power to the home per year. This will save $1129 in the first year for the homeowner. This may continue to show increased savings due to the increasing cost of power. Of course, the primary reason for including solar panels in the home is for the environmentally sustainability that it allows. Solar is a renewable resource and in abundance in Saskatchewan makes for an excellent opportunity. 3152 Trombley Street also achieved a 1.3 (ACH) Air Changes per Hour resulting in a 16% better than code energy rating as tested by a third party.

Energy Efficiency

This home is 16% more energy efficient than typical home saving customer’s monthly costs on their power and energy bills. Air tightness is 1.3 (ACH) Air Changes per Hour on this home which is 50% better than the industry standard. A 96% high efficiency gas furnace was also installed.   

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