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9 Home Features Every Parent Needs

Posted by Kara S. on Thu, Oct 8, 2020

Whether you have several young children, teenagers, or a combination of the two, there are certain characteristics you’ll be looking for in a new home. In addition to kid-friendly home features, you'll want to look for amenities that will make your daily lives much easier. Here are a few parent-friendly features you'll want to consider when moving up into a new home

1. An Open Kitchen An open kitchen is an inviting place for your kids to hang out and talk with you while cooking dinner. Kids can sit at the breakfast bar and catch up with siblings before heading to school, or hang out in the great room while you're putting groceries away. An open kitchen makes it easy for kids and parents to communicate easily throughout the day.

Kitchen - 234 Tennant Gate (Kensington)

2. Flex Room Functionality

Consider purchasing a new home that includes a flex room in its design. You could make this room into a place for your teenagers to watch television, read, or visit with friends. Teens could also use the flex room as a study space, do their homework, and write reports. 

You could also consider a playroom for your young kids – complete with toys, bookshelves, pillows and plenty of space to tumble around. Put a television in the room so your young children can watch their favourite movies and TV shows. Colourful artwork on the walls is a fun finishing touch for a space to feel all their own.

3. A Finished Basement

A finished basement is ideal if you have teenagers looking for a little more independence. Create a hang-out space by adding a pool table, ping-pong table or a big-screen television. Adding a bedroom or two and a full bathroom will also give them a sense of freedom (and maybe give you a little more peace and quiet). 

Other benefits of a finished basement include having space for young kids to stretch their legs and get loud when the weather turns cold. This will provide them with an area to play tag, hide and seek, or any other game that helps them burn off some energy.

4. Must-Have Mudrooms

A mudroom is almost a necessity for parents. This is the perfect place for kids to take off snowy boots, wet coats, dirty shoes, and more, so they don't track dirt into the rest of the home.

If you have a family dog that likes to run around outside with your kids, then a mudroom is an excellent place to wipe your pet's feet when it comes in. A mudroom is ideal for storing coats, backpacks, purses, shoes, leashes, and more so everything is organized and ready to go the next day.iStock-1184925220

5. LVP Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is another feature to look for as a parent. This type of flooring resists stains created from dirty shoes, spills, and other messes. It's also resistant to pet scratches and easy to clean. Best of all, LVP flooring gives you the look of expensive hardwood floors but offers the comfort and durability you need for your busy household.

6. A Great Great Room

A great room is an ultimate place for the family to visit and catch up on the day's events. It's also the ideal spot to watch a family movie, play video games, or even crack open a board game. Lastly, this room makes for a cozy place to gather before or after meals or to entertain friends. 


579 Kensington Place-8

7. The Benefits of a Bonus Room

Choosing a home with a bonus room means you can enjoy an extra living room, playroom, guest area, entertainment space and much more. For example, when the grown-ups want alone time downstairs for a party or gathering, the kids can go up to the bonus room to watch television, work on the computer, or chat. 

8. Outdoor Space

A home's design must include a yard if you have young kids who need to stretch their legs and get outside. While most new Regina communities include access to parks and green spaces, your yard gives you the benefit of being able to do things around the house while still keeping them in sight. Not to mention, yard space is ideal for families with pets or those who like to entertain outdoors during the summer. 


9. Garage Space

A garage is a helpful feature for any family with a vehicle, but it's also a valuable storage space. Not only will it keep your vehicle warm and dry during Regina's harsh winters, it's also ideal for storing bikes, sports equipment, seasonal items and more. 

Above are just a few of the many parent-friendly features you can look forward to when searching for your new home. Be sure to talk to an area manager about your family's unique dynamic – a good builder will work hard to help you find a home that's sure to meet your needs now and in the years to come. 

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