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The Pacesetter Advantage

Posted by Curt K. on Fri, Aug 30, 2019

If you've chosen a Pacesetter home, you may know that the plumbing, heating, air conditioning [if applicable] and ventilation system in your home was proudly installed by Sterling Plumbing & Heating.  A couple of services are included with the purchase of your home.

  1. Mechanical Walk Through - Approximately 1 month after home owners take possession of their new Pacesetter home, a representative with Sterling Plumbing & Heating will contact you to schedule a mechanical walk through. A mechanical walk through is a personalized orientation of your (HRV) heat, ventilation, and air recovery system. This HRV system is an essential component of your indoor comfort and learning how to maintain it will help protect your home.  One of Sterling's service technicians will meet with you to explain the operations and functions of equipment in your along along with your maintenance requirements.

2. Complimentary Furnace Tune Up - At the 1 year possession anniversary of your home, call Sterling to schedule your first furnace tune up compliments of Pacesetter Homes.  

Contact Sterling Plumbing & Heating at (306) 586-5050 for any of the following services:  24 Hour Emergency Service, Furnace & A/C Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Products, Water Softeners/Water Filters, Basement Bathroom Completions, and Gas Fireplaces/Garage Heaters.

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